Swiss Diplomats

Unlike local staff, diplomats rarely stay in the same place for more than a couple of years in order to prevent them from becoming part of their host country’s society and loosing their outsider’s view.

This is why the team working at the Permanent Representation of Switzerland to the Council of Europe changes every now and then. At present, Switzerland is represent in Strassburg by the following diplomats:


Ambassador Christian Meuwly

Christian Meuwly was appointed Permanent Representative of Switzerland to the Council of Europe at the end of 2018 and will take office in March 2019.


Marc Wey

After having held posts in Washington and Berne as well as representing Switzerland at the WTO, EFTA, UNCTAD and UNECE in Geneva, Marc Wey returned to Strassburg for a second term. As Deputy Permanent Representative of Switzerland to the Council of Europe, Marc Wey is the number two at the Permanent Representation and in the absence of the ambassador as Chargé d’Affaires in charge of it. The Ph.D. lawyer is responsible for all political and cultural matters the Council of Europe deals with as well as for the organisation’s financial affairs and its work programme. A native of Basel, he participates in the famous carnival of his hometown as a drummer and enjoys culture in every other form.

Photos Marc Wey © Council of Europe; Christian Meuwly © brf Nachrichten