Looking back

The beginnings of the Council of Europe

Hôtel de Ville, StrasbourgHotel de Ville, Strasbourg

After its foundation in 1949, the Council of Europe didn’t have its own building yet. Therefore, the first few plenary sessions of the Committee of Ministers took place in Strassburg’s Hôtel de Ville (town hall).

Maison de l’EuropeMaison de l'Europe

In order to provide the organisation, who was designed to help Europe establish lasting peace, with its own place, construction on the “Maison de l’Europe” (Europe House) started soon, and the Council of Europe was able to move into it’s first proper building in 1950.

Palais de l’EuropePalais de l'Europe

When this first building became too small for the growing Council of Europe, it was replaced in 1977 by today’s “Palais de l’Europe”, a new construction on the same spot.

On the occasion of the inauguration of this building, a few special stamps were issued:


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