Against Trafficking

Action Against Trafficking in Human Beings

Trafficking in human beings is a huge problem worldwide: In Europe alone, an estimated 2,5 million men, women and children are affected by this modern form of slavery.

Lured by false promises about professional education or a job elsewhere, they leave their families and homes – only to find themselves sexually exploited, or forced to toil under sometimes inhuman conditions in industrial plants, on farms or in private households.

Trafficking in human beings undermines the Council of Europe’s values. Therefore, the organisation has been actively fighting the phenomenon since the 1980s.

An intermediate goal was reached in 2008, when the Convention for Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (CETS 197) entered into force. This convention is the first legally binding instrument in Europe to fight the problem of trafficking in human beings comprehensively.

The launch of the Council of Europe’s campaign against Trafficking in Human Beings took place within the context of the convention: In a series of seminars, taking place in the member states, particularly affected by trafficking in human beings, legal, technical and social measures in the fight against trafficking were discussed and coordinated.

Comic: “You’re not for sale”

Within the framework of the campaign, a comic book was published and distributed in the countries most affected by trafficking in human beings in order to raise public awareness for the phenomenon.


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