Roma Forum

European Roma and Travellers Forum (ERTF)

The European Roma and Travellers Forum (ERTF) is an independent international non-governmental organisation, which brings together Roma, Sinti, Kalé, Travellers and related groups in Europe.

The ERTF is the largest and most comprehensive Roma assembly in Europe. Its members are national umbrella organisations as well as Roma international organisations, represented in the Roma Forum by delegates.

In 2005, the ERTF signed a legal partnership agreement with the Council of Europe, which provides the ERTF with a political dimension and allows for privileged access to the various bodies of the Council of Europe.

The ERTF and its members strive to

  • establish a fair and democratic representation of Roma in Europe
  • achieve a fair and equal participation of Roma at all levels of policy making
  • improve the living conditions of Roma and related groups
  • achieve the social integration of Roma on the basis of full equality and mutual respect
  • make the public more aware of their responsibilities toward Roma as their citizens and more responsive toward their needs
  • achieve official recognition of the Roma as a European people and of Romani as a European language
  • achieve official recognition of the Romani Holocaust as a historical fact

In order to reach these goals, the ERTF meets with policymakers, organises broad-based campaigns aimed at raising public awareness, launches educational initiatives, creates exhibitions, develops information materials and publishes a newsletter called “Insight”.

The ERTF’s secretariat is based at the Council of Europe. It takes care of all administrative matters and is responsible for the organisation of the yearly plenary assembly of the ERTF in Strassburg.

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