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«The world cannot be improved through cunning or force. It can only become a better place through the effort, each and every one of us is prepared to make every day on behalf of tolerance and the understanding of each other.»

Stéfanie Trautweiler
Dear Visitor,

The Council of Europe fascinates me in every respect: The organisation itself and the idea behind it as well as its instruments, its impact and its potential. I have, therefore, concerned myself with the Council of Europe as a journalist, an academic with a degree in Religious Studies and a former member of the Permanent Representation of Switzerland to the Council of Europe in Strassburg. Currently, I’m working on a Ph.D. about the organisation.

Since good things become even better when they are shared, I started an info-blog in 2007 in order to provide information on the Council of Europe. These blog entries are the foundation of the current website, which, hopefully, contributes to the promotion of human rights.

To this end, I hope you will find the information you were looking for on my website, and if you do, will become just as fascinated with the Council of Europe and it’s way of promoting human rights as I am.

Stefanie Trautweiler


Disclaimer: Europe’s Human Rights Watchdog is a private website. It contains information on topics I got my teeth into due to my personal questions regarding the Council of Europe. The content is regularly updated, endorsed and expanded. All information is, to my best knowledge, technically correct; however, content is subjectively chosen and far from comprehensive. I’m not a native speaker of English and therefore ask for your indulgence.
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