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  1. I found a page on your website re: All different all equal campaign. as a young teenager, I participated in this campaign in 1995, in the youth train starting from Dublin to Strasbourg. It opened up my mind. After Brexit referendum I moved to the UK from Ireland to campaign for UK to stay in the EU and avoid the break-up of the EU. Today, along with like-minded other Remainers we run “Swindon for Europe” group in Swindon, County Wiltshire.
    I strongly believe in the wake up of Brexit, we need similar programmes as “All Different All Equal” for the wider Europe, where young European citizens could interact with each other. The youth are our future.

    • Dear Mr. Quidwai,
      Thank you very much for sharing your memories of the impact the „All equal – all different“ campaign had on you. Your personal experience shows how important the Council of Europe’s work in the youth sector is. Best wishes to you and your “Swindon for Europe” group

  2. Seine Entscheidungen fällt der Europarat demokratisch, denn jeder Mitgliedstaat – ob gross oder klein – ist gleichberechtigt und hat bei Abstimmungen oder Wahlen eine einzige Stimme

  3. Dear Stefanie,

    We all appreciate very much your work as an information ambassador for the Council of Europe! Indeed, your blog is not only very informative but also very clear and user friendly. You use a simple wording so even if one is not a political analyst, one can easily follow and understand what the Council of Europe is doing. It will also allow a lot of former colleagues from the Council, who very much enjoyed working with you in Strasbourg, to stay in touch with you. I hope you will have many other followers. Good luck for your blog!

    All the best, Barbara

  4. Dear Stefanie, I applause your effort. Even reading the first sentence of the page is important for many. The work of the Council is a complex one so it is a good idea to translate some of the activities to those who are not familiar or interested! Good luck with your humanistic efforts. Murat

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