Stop Domestic Violence

Stop Domestic Violence against Women

Violence against women, including domestic violence, is one of the most serious forms of gender-based violations of human rights.

In its various forms it is still widespread at all levels of society in all Council of Europe member states. An estimated 15% of all women in Europe are victims of domestic abuse on a daily basis.

It is important to the Council of Europe, that societies in its member states do not dismiss violence against women as a peccadillo, but prosecute and punish it as a crime.

The Council of Europe’s campaign Stop Domestic Violence against Women involved more than 40 member states and was part of the organisation’s continuous fight against all forms of violence against women.

Council of Europe Convention

In 2014 the Convention on preventing and combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence entered into force. It requires Parties to the convention to set up legal and other measures in order to protect women against all forms of violence.


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